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Getting Started

This page is your “Go To” resource full of reference links to get you started with Mobile development, as well as other resources for cloud development, IT Pros, students and entrepreneurs. I’m also including resources to help you engage with Microsoft, more specifically for those living in the Eastern US.

Getting to Know Your Microsoft Technical Evangelists

New York Metro (including New Jersey)

Jesus Aguilar: @giventocodeGiven to Code Blog

Stacey Mulcahy: @bitchwhocodesThe Bitch Who Codes Blog

Maria Naggaga: @ladynaggagaMaria Naggaga’s Blog

Jason Walters: @jasonrwaltersHello World Blog

Nick Landry (Me!): @ActiveNick - You’re currently reading my blog. You can also Contact Me directly

Northeast US

Bob Familiar: @bobfamiliarThe Undocumented API Blog

Michael Cummings: Blog

Joshua Drew: Blog

Steve Maier: @stevemaier342 base 13 Blog

Dan Stolts: @ITProGuruIT Pro Guru Blog (IT Pro Evangelist)

Mid-Atlantic States

Dave Voyles: @davevoylesDave Voyles’s Blog

Amanda Lange: @second_truthSecond Truth Blog

Shahed Chowdhuri: @shahedCWake Up and Code! Blog

David CrookDave Crook’s Dev Blog

Yung Chou: @yungchouYoung Chou on Hybrid Cloud Blog (IT Pro Evangelist)

Great Southeast

Joe Healy: @devfishJoe Healy’s Blog

James Quick: @jquickwitQuick Thoughts Blog

Diego Rivera: @hielo777Insomnes Agresivos Blog

Tara Walker: @tarawThe Geek Girl Blog

Blain Barton: Blain Barton’s Blog (IT Pro Evangelist)

Tommy Patterson: @Tommy_PattersonVirtuallyCloud9 Blog (IT Pro Evangelist)

Getting Started with Windows Phone App Development

Download the Windows Phone SDK

Sign-up for DVLUP Rewards

Visit the Nokia Developer Portal & Wiki

Get Started with Microsoft App Studio and build your first Windows Phone app in less than 1 hour. read about the latest version here.

Get free design, development and troubleshooting Windows Phone tools with Nokia Developer Offers

Watch the Windows Phone 8 Jump Start Training for Developers

Watch the Windows Phone 8 Dev for Absolute Beginners Training

Getting Started with Windows Store App Development

Download Visual Studio Express 2013 with Windows 8

Sign-up for App Builder Rewards

Windows App Starter Kits

Windows Game Starter Kits

Getting Started with Cross-Platform App Development

Build Cross-Platform Mobile Apps in C# with Xamarin

Build Cross-Platform Mobile Hybrid Apps with PhoneGap

Getting Started with Cross-Platform Game Development

Build Cross-Platform Games in C# with XNA & MonoGame

Build Cross-Platform Games with the Powerful Unity Engine

Build Cross-Platform Games without any Programming with Construct2

Build Cross-Platform Games in C++ with Marmalade

Build Cross-Platform Games in C++ with Havok

Getting Started with Cloud Development Using Azure

Get a $200 Credit in a Free Windows Azure Trial

Activate your Windows Azure MSDN Benefits

Getting Started as an IT Pro

Download Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2

Download Microsoft Windows 8.1 Enterprise

Download Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 R2

Download Microsoft System Center 2012 R2

Getting Started as a Student

Apply for DreamSpark and get free Microsoft software and Azure cloud services to jump start your education

Getting Started as an Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner

Apply for BizSpark and get 3 years of Microsoft software and Azure cloud services for free

Getting Started with the Microsoft Virtual Academy

Sign-up for free training by experts in the Microsoft Virtual Acedemy

Explore Live & Recorded Events in the Microsoft Jumpstart Series

Visit the Visual Studio Page in the Microsoft Virtual Academy

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