ActiveNick Assimilated by the Microsoft Collective


Yes, it’s true. Yesterday, I have officially joined Microsoft as a Senior Technical Evangelist in the DPE East Region Audience Team, specifically covering the New York Metro and New Jersey area.

This move has been a long time in the making. I started my professional career back in 1992 as a programmer-analyst working with Microsoft QBX (QuickBASIC Extended) and Visual Basic 1.0. I became a Microsoft Certified Professional in 1995 and MCSD in 1997. I started speaking about Microsoft technologies at developer events in 1996 and have to date presented more than 200 talks in several countries. Five of my seven employers before Microsoft have been Microsoft Certified Partners. I was named Microsoft Regional Director in Montreal back in 1997. I started specializing in Microsoft mobility products back in 2002 and became an MVP in 2005 – an award that I have received 10 years in a row.

I could go on and on…

The bottom line is that I owe my entire 22-year career to Microsoft. This is where I feel at home and an opportunity was presented to me to join the evangelism team here in NY/NJ and I happily took it. I’m super excited to join Microsoft and continue my community work, this time in an official capacity.

My New Role

As a member of the Technical Evangelism team, we work with students, developers and IT pros to help them learn, adopt and use the Microsoft developer platform to design and build the next generation of apps for Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Windows Azure. I will organize and speak at events, user groups, meetups, code camps, conferences and such. I’ll keep on blogging and writing. I’ll produce training material, samples, starter kits and videos. I will of course be talking about other technologies as well, some from Microsoft, some from partners, and some from competitors. Microsoft plays well with others and I love to demonstrate it.

I invite you to also follow me on Twitter at @ActiveNick and also follow my colleagues from the NY Metro Team:

I know that many of you will think that I will lose my objectivity, that my word can’t be trusted anymore because I’ll be biased. The truth is I was always biased in favor of Microsoft technologies because it’s what I always specialized in. But I also made sure to not just blindly agree with Microsoft on all things. Those that know me or have seen my talks know full well I call it as it is. Microsoft makes mistakes, just like Nokia, Apple, Google or Amazon also do. And Microsoft makes awesome technologies, and so do Nokia, Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung and others. I always tried to be honest and set developers on the right path, not necessarily the Microsoft path. Nothing changes in my book.

Always remember that I don’t like the products because I joined Microsoft. I joined Microsoft because I like the products.

Please, as you read my blog over the coming months and years, know that everything I say here is my own opinion. My viewpoints are my own, and not those of Microsoft or my colleagues. Feel free to quote me, but when you do, you are quoting Nick Landry, NOT Microsoft.

Introduce Yourselves

If you’re a developer in the NY / NJ area, please introduce yourself in the comments below. Hopefully I will get to meet all of you in the coming months and years. If you’re a regular follower of mine on Twitter, in prior blogs or at conferences, you’re welcome to introduce yourself too, no matter where you’re from. You can also say hi on Twitter at @ActiveNick.

Working and engaging with all of you is the best part of my job. Thank you for being such an awesome community.


Q: Will you still be a Microsoft MVP on Windows Phone Development?

A: No. MVPs are always external to Microsoft. I had a great 10-year run as MVP with Windows Phone Development (and Windows Mobile Dev before that) and it’s time for me to continue my community work from the inside.

Q: Can I have your MVP spot?

A: You can try, but it’s not up to me. Good luck!

Q: Who will be the new Nokia Developer Ambassador for NY, NJ, PA and Mid-Atlantic states?

A: Me! I am continuing my role with Nokia since it is perfectly in sync with my role at Microsoft. With Microsoft acquiring the Nokia Devices Division this year, I suspect things will merge over time and it’ll just be business as usual for me. As Nokia Developer Ambassador, I have a wider territory covering the states of NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, DC, VA, WV & KY. If you’re a Windows Phone or Windows 8 developer in these states, please introduce yourself below.

Q: Will you still cover non-Microsoft technologies in your blog and conference presentations?

A: Yes. Maybe not as much as I used to, but I strongly believe in the cross-platform nature of the mobile space. My favorite platform has always been Windows Phone, but I also cover Windows 8 of course. I’m also proficient with iOS, Android, Xamarin, PhoneGap, jQuery Mobile and other technologies. I plan on covering a wide range of mobile technologies on my blog and at events. Ultimately, my goal is not to pull you away from other platforms. A true mobile developer should know iOS, Android and Windows.

Q: Does the implant hurt?

A: Not really. I tried to avoid it but I was told that resistance is futile.

Q: I run a User Group / Meetup in the NY / NJ area. Will you come and speak to our members?

A: Sure. Introduce yourself in the comments below or contact me on Twitter at @ActiveNick

Q: Where will you be speaking next?

A: Check out my Events Page for up-to-date info about scheduled events & appearances, and links to past events, sessions materials and demos.


Got other questions for me? Ask away in the comments below.